Thursday, March 12, 2009

{Update Dates}

So I have a question for those of you that read this.....I have quite a few posts that I need to get up here from this past month. :-) Would you simply like them as they come & have the dates on there that I actually write them.....or should I past date them so they go with the events?? Please leave comments to let me know which ya'll prefer. :-)
Thank you for your help!!!


Amanders said...

Honestly I don't pay attention to dates lol. I just read the blog that's it. Dates don't matter to me.

Sunshine Girl said...

I will admit that when I started my blog I wrote at least the first three posts in one night and back dated them. That way I didn't have to write one HUGE post or explain why I wrote three entries in rapid succession. However, it doesn't bother me at all when people don't back date them. So it's up to you... :)

Love ya, gorgeous!

David and Jessica Wakefield said...

I just like to read about what you guys are up to. If the dates are an important date, then put the event with the date. But it doesn't matter too much.