Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Family Pictures}

Once again Korie Hayes of Everyday Memories has done a fabulosly beautiful job at taking our family photos!!
These were taken before we left Puyallup.  Here's where you can look at all of The MRs and Mrs. during some fun times while we got our pictures taken.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Our New Journey}

Seven and a half years.....two tours in Iraq.....and the long process of a med board....The Mr is finally medically retired from the Army.  It was a hard decision to make.....but we are happy to start down this path of our life.
Long story short.....I don't want to go into the past and tell all the decisions that we had to make....rather what's going on now.  :-)  WE MOVED TO SPOKANE WASHINGTON!!!  It was a hard decision to move away from family and friends and even the school.....but we are also excited to be here with family and friends.
We have moved in with our sister and her husband and family.  We are renting the upstairs of their house.  It's really nice and it's working out great for all of us.  :-)  The Mr is enrolled at SFCC for summer quarter and I am looking for a job.  The Mr's Dad, Big C has offered to watch the boys when our schedules over lap and that is a huge blessing to us.
We have been busy busy with unpacking and organizing things.....lots of things to get into small places lol Even with all the stuff that we purged before we moved I'm finding myself purge even more....which is a good thing!  :-D
So far this is the journey that we are traveling.......And I'm going to do my best to keep up with this blog again.  :-D