Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Family Pictures}

Once again Korie Hayes of Everyday Memories has done a fabulosly beautiful job at taking our family photos!!
These were taken before we left Puyallup.  Here's where you can look at all of The MRs and Mrs. during some fun times while we got our pictures taken.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Our New Journey}

Seven and a half years.....two tours in Iraq.....and the long process of a med board....The Mr is finally medically retired from the Army.  It was a hard decision to make.....but we are happy to start down this path of our life.
Long story short.....I don't want to go into the past and tell all the decisions that we had to make....rather what's going on now.  :-)  WE MOVED TO SPOKANE WASHINGTON!!!  It was a hard decision to move away from family and friends and even the school.....but we are also excited to be here with family and friends.
We have moved in with our sister and her husband and family.  We are renting the upstairs of their house.  It's really nice and it's working out great for all of us.  :-)  The Mr is enrolled at SFCC for summer quarter and I am looking for a job.  The Mr's Dad, Big C has offered to watch the boys when our schedules over lap and that is a huge blessing to us.
We have been busy busy with unpacking and organizing things.....lots of things to get into small places lol Even with all the stuff that we purged before we moved I'm finding myself purge even more....which is a good thing!  :-D
So far this is the journey that we are traveling.......And I'm going to do my best to keep up with this blog again.  :-D


Saturday, January 30, 2010

{The Reasons I Do What I Do...}

{Basketball Boys}

Mr E & Mr A have really been into basketball lately so we brought them up to the park so The Mr could teach them some things and we could all have some fun.....and of course I could take some pictures.....lol..... :-D

Friday, January 22, 2010

{Little Mr @ the ER}

We had to spend the morning and leading into the afternoon in the ER with our baby Little Mr..... :-(

Poor baby.....The other day I noticed he had a scratch on his left index finger....not a big deal really.  Well over the next couple of days I  noticed it getting red.....I showed The Mr and he said it wasn't anything to worry about (The Mr is a medic in the Army, remember so I rely heavily for him to calm the 'mommy nerves' when it comes to the kiddos).  I was keeping it clean and keeping a close eye on it.....it was getting worse though.  :-S
Well, when I got Little Mr up this morning I noticed that the 'puss' had started going AROUND his finger and that there was more red......so I brought him up to show The Mr and now I'm pretty sure we should bring him in.  So we got all the kiddos situated....shuttled Mr E and Mr A to a friends house to wait for the school bus there, and got Mr T and Little Mr dressed and ready to head to the ER.

Got all checked in at the ER.  They got us in a room pretty quickly....I was impressed really.  Someone came in to see us quickly too.  Don't really know if it was the time we were there or if it was what was going on with Little Mr.  :-S
So, they basically told us that he had a cold sore on his finger.....since that is the finger that he sucks.....he doesn't suck his thumb....he puts his index finger in his mouth.....and since he'd had a cut on his finger and then put it into his mouth.....yupp....cold sore.  Poor thing.....it looks horrible!

BUT.....that's not all!  See.....at the begining of the week Little Mr wasn't feeling well, and was running a fever pretty bad.....so in order to make sure that these two were not related they had to run all sorts of tests.  They took some x-rays and ran some cultures and things like that.....BUT....BEFORE they did all that......
they had to put an IV in my baby.........

And yes, he looks all cute and dandy here after it's all done, but that was one of THE hardest things I had to do as a Mommy......I couldn't even BE in the SAME ROOM......I took Mr T and walked around the ER because I could hear him screaming and I was crying.....not such a happy time for Little Mr or for Mommy.

One thing that was really cute though....when he was sitting waiting for his x-rays to be taken.....which was right after he'd gotten his IV put in....he wanted me to hold him.....and he points to his IV to show me and he says "Look Mama....cool"
*shakes head* yah cool huh

They gave him some meds through the IV and sent us home with some more meds and a follow up appointment.....so he should be getting better soon.  But they said all is well........we'll see how it goes.  :-)

So we are all home safe and sound from a long day at the ER........

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{My Stinky Camera}

I'm really not too sure why.....but my camera has been acting really weird and this has been going on for months and months now.  It's been really really frustrating.  Now, I have JUST realized two things.....
  1. I haven't been taking as many pictures I would like to....or should be.  I thought it was because of the whole camera thing...then I thought that maybe it was becasue I was fat (but I was usually behind the camera so it couldn't have been that).....I realized that I had really only been taking pictures because The Mr had been in Iraq and I hadn't wanted HIM to miss out on the kids growing up!  UGH EYE OPENER.....I don't want me or  him or THE KIDS to miss out on them growing up either! DUH!
  2. AND the stinky camera has been acting up....I'm able to get a couple pictures here and there, but not many and it's never a sure thing that it will even turn on.  I am able to use the camera on my phone, but come on that doesn't really take very good pictures and you have to wait FOREVER to take another picture.....and then you can't take very many of them.....and then you have to send them individually to your email only to download them to your computer to download them to blogger.....UGGGHHHH!!!
Yupp......that's how it's been going.....uh huh......so I have these rechargable batteries that I have been using FOREVER with my camera.....like since I got them.....and my loverly sister reminded me that sometimes those things die too.....ummm....yah so I'm going to hopefully replace those soon and see if that works.....because I'm getting really sick and tired of not having a camera.

SOOOOOO on to my other reason for this post......well I've also realized that I've had it stuck in my head that I need pictures to update our family blog......I'm not too sure why.....I'm sure that pictures ARE nice to be able to see how the kiddos are growing up and how they look, but I'm sure ya'll would also like to just hear how they are doing....atleast while we'r figuring out this whole camera thing right??  Ummm kay....well since I actually have no clue if anyone even reads this I'll just pretend that ya'll do....kay.... :-)
So, I'm going to try harder to:
  1. Post more often even though I won't have pictures to go along with them.....or if I do they will be lame ones from my phone lol
  2. And when we do get everything figured out with the camera I will start taking pictures more often even though The Mr is no longer in Iraq :-D (which we are all SOO ever greatful for!!!)
Much Luvs for now!!!  :-D

Monday, December 28, 2009

{Geigers On Mt. Rainier}

Yesterday we went up on the mountain and played in the snow with Oma, The Tante and Her Mr, & Big Mister......we all had such a BLAST!  I have pics from it.....I thought I would put this family pic on here first and then when I get a little more time I would post the pics of us all having fun up.  :-D
This is it for now though!  I know I know I have tons to get up on here!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

{The Mr & The Mrs @ Halloween 2009}

So Here are the close ups of The Mr and I at the end of the night.....I really couldn't choose which one I liked better!  lol  I liked the first picture better, but not the background lol I think is really what it came down to.  And then the second one was my other choice with a better background.  lol  Overall I think that our costumes turned out really great.  :-D  It was a fun night and we had a great time.  :-D 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

{Halloween 2009}

This year we went to the trunk or treat at the church.....and then we took the boys around our neighborhood for a bit.  Then we took them to my parents' house.  I still do love living this close to our family.  :-)  I am slowly making myself more involved with things.....it's a slow process as I'm getting back on track and on the path that I want to be on.  :-)  I did get pictures of the boys by themselves-but I totally forgot to get them together and get a picture.....silly mommy!  So here they are in their costumes!  :-D

Mr E was a Doctor                                                 Mr A was Kangaroo Jack

Mr T was Batman                                   Little Mr was Bob the Builder

Also this year The Mr and I were asked to go to an adult costume party.....so we actually dropped the kids off at my parents' house for the night.  :-)  Here is The Mr's costume.

Of course I forgot to get a picture of mine!  And I also forgot to get a full picture of us together.....but we did take a couple pictures of us together at the end of the night......thankfully I remembered to do that!  lol  But I couldn't decide which one I liked best!  lol So I'll ask The Mr when he gets home lol  And I'll post it soon.  lol


Sunday, October 25, 2009

{Sneak Peek.....}

Okay...Okay...So since our camera hasn't been working I am stuck with my camera on my phone and other people's cameras.  So here is a sneak peek from part of Mr A's birthday cake!  :-D  I still haven't gotten the pictures from my parent's camera.....as soon as I get them I will be able to put them up.  Sorry!!!  This is a picture that I took with my phone while I was working on the cake.  :-)

Friday, October 16, 2009

{My Little Helper}

Our Kirby is still out of comission.....so this is the little vacuum that we have been using.  Little Mr really wasn't sure about it when we first swtarted using it.  It was kinda funny....it liked it but he didn't want to be near it....it was a love/hate relationship.  lol 
While we were picking up the house before Mr A's birthday party all of a sudden Little Mr wanted not only to touch the vacuum but wanted to vacuum!  lol  I snapped a quick picture with my phone!  :-D  It was just too cute not too!  lol  Now he always wants me to plug it in and let him vacuum!!!!  Such a funny kid!  lol

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

{Happy Birthday Mr A!}

Today is Mr A's 7th birthday......and I am really liking this whole list thing for birthdays. :-D With Mr A's birthday and the exception of Little Mr I'll have done one for everyone this year.....I'm thinking that I'll keeping doing this as a tradition......I may even need to go back and think of something for Little Mr since it was his first birthday. :-)
So on to Mr A's 7th Birthday! :-D

1. You have such an amazing and BIG heart.
2. We love watching you grow while you learn more about our Heavenly Father.
3. You are an awesome example for your brothers....both older and younger.
4. We are proud of your sportsmanship while learning new things and playing with others.
5. We are proud of the accomplishments that you have gained in school.
6. We love watching you strive to be a better person.
7. You are a joy to be around and to watch grown and learn who you are and want to become.

We love you Mr A!!! :-D

Sunday, October 4, 2009


While our friends were here we played all sorts of games, RockBand, board games, videos games, we went to the park and most of the older kids played football.........and of course we played Singstar! :-D It was really nice that the guys let us girls go the store quite a bit by ourselves.....not even with any of the kids! It doesn't happen often for either of us. There were a couple of times where we brought one of the kids, but she is a girly girly that really enjoys shopping, so it's nothing to bring her. lol Well, one of the times we went out.......when we got back to the house we walked in and heard the guys singing......and walked into the living room and found them sitting on the coffee table singing a song on SingStar together......LOL.....it was actually a funny sight!!!! LOL

Friday, October 2, 2009

{Seattle Children's Museum}

Since our friends got into town on Wednesday night we let the boys stay home from school Friday. This is something that we do not usually do. Our friends we knew in North Carolina, and they are in Utah right now, but are PCSing to Germany......so it has been a long time since we have seen them and it will be even long before we will see them again......that is a military friendship. But we have a good one. :-)
So we went up to Seattle.....and we went to the Seattle Center......and walked around and brought the kids to the fountain......I love this pic of all of our kids looking at the fountain.....yes this picture is posed! lol We were told that at 4 they let you into the Children's Museum for a 'donation' so we thought that was a much better deal than paying for 12 people to get into the museum. lol And we had a wonderful time walking around looking at things and taking some different pictures. I took a picture of their family with the space needle in the back ground and they took a picture of our family with the space needle in the back ground too. :-D I can't wait to have that pic! I'm going to frame it for sure!!! :-D It's on their camera though, so they are going to email it to us when they get settle at home. :-) AAhhhhh.....I love the Internet..... :-D
So after the museum our kids had had quite enough......they can only do so much.....which really isn't too much.....our friends decided to keep going.....which I think is awesome, & I definitely didn't want to hold them back.....there is SOOO many things to do in Seattle! :-) So they took off and went and did some awesome things with their kids and we drove back home. I got dinner started, and actually was just about finished as they walked in the door! LOL So, it was perfect timing as we were all more than ready to eat after a long day. :-) We had yummy chicken enchiladas.....we took turns cooking all sorts of delish meals together. :-D

& They came home with these beautiful fresh flowers for me! :-D Aren't they just gorgeous!!! :-D I am SOOOoooo lucky to have such amazing people in our lives!

THANK YOU!!! For a wonderful time and for touching our lives in an amazing & fantastic way! You truely help me realize who I am.....& that it's okay to be who I am. :-D LOVE you guys!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

{Dancin' Shoes}

This is Mr T and his new shoes.....he calls him is "Dancin' Shoes" LOL He is at such a stinkin cute stage! So everytime he puts on these shoes he starts 'dancing' LOL It is SOOOOO hard not to laugh! And we're laughing cuz it's SOOO cute! He's not too bad.....it's just adorable! lol Sorry about the size of the posed pic I've been having issues lately lol with pictures and software lol I'll get back to it all really......I'm still getting used to my new toy....lol....I'll figure it all out....promise! :-D

Oh! I had nothing to do with picking out these shoes....except trying to talk him OUT of it! lol He HAD to have THESE shoes! lol He is adorable with these though! If I can ever figure out how to video him, and post it on here.....I will totally do that! lol OH! I've seen TONS on blogs with YouTube videos on them!!! I'll have to figure something out, cuz it's just too adorable not to have ya'll see it! lol :-)