Monday, September 28, 2009

{Dancin' Shoes}

This is Mr T and his new shoes.....he calls him is "Dancin' Shoes" LOL He is at such a stinkin cute stage! So everytime he puts on these shoes he starts 'dancing' LOL It is SOOOOO hard not to laugh! And we're laughing cuz it's SOOO cute! He's not too's just adorable! lol Sorry about the size of the posed pic I've been having issues lately lol with pictures and software lol I'll get back to it all really......I'm still getting used to my new'll figure it all out....promise! :-D

Oh! I had nothing to do with picking out these shoes....except trying to talk him OUT of it! lol He HAD to have THESE shoes! lol He is adorable with these though! If I can ever figure out how to video him, and post it on here.....I will totally do that! lol OH! I've seen TONS on blogs with YouTube videos on them!!! I'll have to figure something out, cuz it's just too adorable not to have ya'll see it! lol :-)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

{Do The Puyallup 2009 (Part 3)}

Mazatlan was doing airbrushed face painting or as our boys call them 'tattoos' so we let Mr T pick his design out and his colors out...... A Blue & Green Dragon
& The Mr picked Red & Blue Stars for Little Mr

Well it must have been a sucussfull day because of the ride home we heard Little Mr chatting up a storm telling us all about everything and when we turned around to see what Mr T was up to
This is what we saw..........
So we took that as a good sign.... :-D

Friday, September 18, 2009

{Do The Puyallup 2009 (Part 2)}

When we decided to take the boys to the fair in the first place we were only going to take them to look at all the animals. We love looking at them and see all the different kids there. lol We stopped by the Petting Farm that they had set up. They had a blast in there. We got Little Mr out of the stroller and let him walk around with Mr T and The Mr while I took pictures. :-) It was so cute to see their faces. And Mr T was hilarious! He would pose so sweet with his hand still and his smile pasted because he knew that mom wanted to take a nice pictues of him! Aren't I a spoiled one! lol :-)

My Boys Petting A Goat
Looking Through the Window At New Chicks

Mr T Posing So Sweet Petting a Bunny

Little Mr Petting a Chicken

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

{Do the Puyallup 2009 (Part1)}

I've finally decide that I'm going to do this post in three parts, yes you heard me right.....three.....we just took so many great pictures, and had such a great time that I want to be able to share them with you. :-) They were so cute! :-) So here we go for Part 1! :-D
Ride Tickets!!!!
We were so blessed to be able to get into the fair for free. On Mondays they were having a Military day and we were able to get in free. So we decided to take the two younger ones while the two older ones were in school. As we walked in the gate a lady asked if we wanted to ride the rides, I said yes and she handed me SIX tickets! I was so happy that we would have six tickets for Mr T since we were not planning on buying any. Well we were looking at the rides and decided to get just a couple more tickets to that he could pick two rides with the tickets we already had....longer story short lol......they tickets the lady gave us ended up being 'ride' we ended up with EIGHT RIDE TICKETS.......silly parents didn't read the tickets all the way.....each ticket was good for ONE RIDE! lol So he wanted Daddy to go on some rides with him which I of course thought was adorable. :-D Here's the rides he picked. :-D

Rockin it on his MotorCycle Ride

Fun Arms on the Lion RollerCoaster
(Would have gone on the Dragon one if I had seen that one first lol)

Little Mr loved watching all the people as Mr T & The Mr rode the rides

The Giant Slide

Pushing his way through the Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

Loved being an Airplane Pilot
Well there's the rides that were so much fun....stay tuned for the next part. :-) We went to the petting zoo. :-) And I think that was Litttle Mr's favorite. :-D

{Do I Get To Go To School Yet?}


This year was kinda sad for me.....Theron is seriously ready for school this year, but in WA he is not old enough so he has to wait. Sadness. He is so cute! :-D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

{First Day of School 2009}

It's here again! Goodness....the summers really do fly's amazing! I remember as a child remembering how fast the summers went by....and now...they still do! I can still recall the begining of the summer thinking of all the things we wanted to do this summer lol and now school has started again already!
I got up and made the boys chocolate chip pancakes and english muffins with ham, cheese and eggs....which is something they LOVE! And then for a treat I made them rice crispy treats for and after school snack. Both of which are special treats for them because we don't do breakfast at home since we get free meals they eat breakfast at school...and they get home about 4...and we eat dinner at it's a small quick healthy snack after school usually.....fridays I try to make something 'special' :-D
We're off to a good start. :-) I was able to take pictures by the front door again this year. I know that I don't have the same front door in all their pictures with all our moves, but I try to get their pictures by our front door on their first day. :-D

Mr E started 3rd grade this year!

Mr A started 2nd grade this year!

I also got some pics of Mr T & Little Mr this morning but I just didn't have the energy to upload, crop, and download them tonight....I did the two that actually went to school this'll try and get theirs tomorrow. :-D