Saturday, March 7, 2009

{At The Park}

I absolutely LOVE IT when I'm able to get all four of the boys together in a decent picture!!! :-D
We went to the park as a family! The boys were needing to get some energy out & it was about the time that The Mr gets up on his weekends I asked if he'd like to go to the park together. :-D It was SO windy and COLD! lol But of course the boys don't notice things like that! lol
Mr E was playing with Little Mr and he took him down the slide...and then Mr A slid down behind them and got stuck cuz they didn't get off the bottom fast enough....and I grabbed The Mr's arm and was like "That would be a GREAT picture!" lol OF COURSE! lol So I went and got the camera, and asked the boys to do it again....which they thought was fun! lol & I also asked Mr T to slide down.....and snapped a few pictures and was able to get one that we liked. :-) AND I didn't even plan them all in blue! lol That just happened!!! hehe

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