Thursday, March 19, 2009

{Menu Board}

At one of my trips to Jo-Anns (I was getting textile medium for the tshirts I made) I found a really cool's peel and stick chalk board, it comes in green, black...AND BLUE!!! I was SO excited to see this is blue. lol And I knew EXACTLY what I could do with it! :-) I have this frame that use to have a mirror in it, but the mirror broke years ago....and my brother made it into a bulletin board for me when he was visiting me when I had Mr T...and he did a great job. BUT I've fallen in love with spray knew what I could do with this now. :-) Here is the before picture........
So before I get to my after picture I'll tell ya what I did. :-) I took apart the bulletin that my brother made for me....and I spray painted the frame part (this was my first spray paint job...I don't know why but spray paint has always intimidated me....but not anymore! lol) Then I took the peel and stick and put it on the piece of cardboard that my brother had already used for the bulletin didn't quite cover the whole area, but I had some cardstock that was a real close match that I covered the area at the very top with...and you can hardly even tell. :-) I then took some wide ribbon from my stash and wrapped it around the frame and tied it. I put the backing back on and screwed the frame back together...then I took the ribbon and nailed it into the top of the door, wrapped it back down and tied a pretty bow. Now the boys don't have to ask what we're having for dinner! lol They can read it! :-) It's hanging on my pantry door in my kitchen.....doesn't it look pretty next to my pretty apron that my mommy got me? :-) I love it! :-D

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David and Jessica Wakefield said...

Wow! That's a really good idea. It looks way cute too!