Monday, March 16, 2009


I have been reading a lot of different blogs about making designs for making your own shirts....I really liked this idea....and it got me thinking. I like it when we have matching shirts for things, YES I am one of THOSE. lol And we don't really have the money to be buying matching shirts for all six of us all the time. So I wanted to come up with something that didn't cost much. I had these shirts from a project that I had intended to do last year lol And I have my cricut machine, and I also have craft all I had to do was buy the textile medium to turn the paint I already have into fabric for about $5 I was able to make six shirts! Not too bad! :-) I did a mask style instead of a was easier for me to do with the cricut. I cut out the letters from scrap cardstock that I wanted in the font and size for each shirt....I backed each letter with repositional glue and let that dry...then put them on the shirt, and just sponged over them with black paint that was mixed according to the directions on the bottle of the textile medium...let the paint dry some then peeled off the letters and then let the paint dry all the way, and heat set the shirts. :-)

Here's the boys' shirts
And mine & Tommy's :-D

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Rachel said...

What a cute idea!! I am gonna have to try this!!