Thursday, March 19, 2009

{College Spring Break}


Okay, so Here's my excitment!

Thursday: we get to pick up AMANDA & ANNA from the airport!!!! YAY!
Saturday: we get to pick up SERENA from the airport!!!! YAY!

Well, I'm not as excited for them to be leaving but Anna and Serena will go back on Wednesday. And Amanda is staying with us until SUNDAY! hehe hehe hehe

I really just had to share that with ya'll LOL

{Menu Board}

At one of my trips to Jo-Anns (I was getting textile medium for the tshirts I made) I found a really cool's peel and stick chalk board, it comes in green, black...AND BLUE!!! I was SO excited to see this is blue. lol And I knew EXACTLY what I could do with it! :-) I have this frame that use to have a mirror in it, but the mirror broke years ago....and my brother made it into a bulletin board for me when he was visiting me when I had Mr T...and he did a great job. BUT I've fallen in love with spray knew what I could do with this now. :-) Here is the before picture........
So before I get to my after picture I'll tell ya what I did. :-) I took apart the bulletin that my brother made for me....and I spray painted the frame part (this was my first spray paint job...I don't know why but spray paint has always intimidated me....but not anymore! lol) Then I took the peel and stick and put it on the piece of cardboard that my brother had already used for the bulletin didn't quite cover the whole area, but I had some cardstock that was a real close match that I covered the area at the very top with...and you can hardly even tell. :-) I then took some wide ribbon from my stash and wrapped it around the frame and tied it. I put the backing back on and screwed the frame back together...then I took the ribbon and nailed it into the top of the door, wrapped it back down and tied a pretty bow. Now the boys don't have to ask what we're having for dinner! lol They can read it! :-) It's hanging on my pantry door in my kitchen.....doesn't it look pretty next to my pretty apron that my mommy got me? :-) I love it! :-D

Monday, March 16, 2009


I have been reading a lot of different blogs about making designs for making your own shirts....I really liked this idea....and it got me thinking. I like it when we have matching shirts for things, YES I am one of THOSE. lol And we don't really have the money to be buying matching shirts for all six of us all the time. So I wanted to come up with something that didn't cost much. I had these shirts from a project that I had intended to do last year lol And I have my cricut machine, and I also have craft all I had to do was buy the textile medium to turn the paint I already have into fabric for about $5 I was able to make six shirts! Not too bad! :-) I did a mask style instead of a was easier for me to do with the cricut. I cut out the letters from scrap cardstock that I wanted in the font and size for each shirt....I backed each letter with repositional glue and let that dry...then put them on the shirt, and just sponged over them with black paint that was mixed according to the directions on the bottle of the textile medium...let the paint dry some then peeled off the letters and then let the paint dry all the way, and heat set the shirts. :-)

Here's the boys' shirts
And mine & Tommy's :-D

{Daddy"s New Hat}

This story starts off track lol Just thought I'd let ya know :-)
We needed to get WA plates for our truck....they expire this I looked online when, where, how, and what we needed to get it done. To make a long story took a while. So The Mr was already up late and we had accomplished as much as we could for the day with the truck. I asked him if he would like to take me out to lunch at my favorite restaurant. :-) He said that he wouldn't mind that too much. lol So we headed over to Olive Garden for lunch.....but when we pulled up the parking lot was empty and the sign said they didn't open until 11 and it was we headed to the mall to kill some time. I actually thought that The Mr just wanted to eat there instead. lol We dallied got a game...The Mr got me a cover for my phone that I've needed....and while I was picking that out Mr T took The Mr into a store to look around. They ended up in Zumies looking at hats. Mr T really liked these hats....."Daddy, you should get this one" So, Mr T wanted to show me the hat that Daddy should get. lol he brought me right to them lol and I took a pic of the two of them together :-)

I have always like these types of hats, and I think that Thr Mr looks really good in it. hehe So he got the one that Mr T had picked out. lol They are just SO cute together! :-DHere is Mr T wearing Daddy's new hat!!! :-D

{BathTime Blues}

Little Mr doesn't really like to take baths. lol Not too sure why, but he just screams almost the whole time he's in there....he's just always done that. And his hair has always been just too cute. lol So when he got out of the tub all tired and cranky from screaming....his hair was sticking up & I was able to get a pic of it. lol

Friday, March 13, 2009

{Sean & Christina's New Place}

Here's a picture of Sean & Christina's new place! :-D It's SO cute! :-) And I am so excited for them! It's a great place for them to really start out and grow a little bit.....they will be happy here for a while. :-)
I drove over this morning with the two younger boys....which I have during the hang out & help some with the house. It is so nice to be able to just drive over and see her! :-) I am really loving having so much of our family so close to us. :-)
Auntie Christina with Mr T & Little Mr

Me & Christina!!! :-D

{I Want Green Spiky Hair}

The Mr has to go & get his hair cut quiet often being in the Army. Mr T has been wanting another haircut....and I was okay with this cuz it's a pain to get him to hold still to brush it, and his bangs were getting a little long....I didn't really like them in his face. He sure is cute though! :-) So, we went with Daddy to get hair cuts....We were talking to him about how he would like his cut. And he told us he wanted green spiky hair! lol SOOOO....The Mr said he was okay with it. I asked the gal to keep it a little longer, and not to use the clippers. He did a great job holding still during his hair cut......he was SO COMFORTABLE.........
That he FELL ASLEEP in the middle of his hair cut!!!! lol TOO CUTE! :-) He even slept through her cleaning up the edges with the little clippers! lol

Even after she was done, I picked him up and put him in the stroller (which is what we brought in for Little Mr lol) HE WAS STILL SLEEPING!!! lol He slept all the way through The Mr getting his hair cut until we were getting the boys into the truck! lol

And here is his "Green Spiky Hair" :-) We already had the green colored spray at home. :-)

Cutie Boy & Mommy :-D

Thursday, March 12, 2009

{Update Dates}

So I have a question for those of you that read this.....I have quite a few posts that I need to get up here from this past month. :-) Would you simply like them as they come & have the dates on there that I actually write them.....or should I past date them so they go with the events?? Please leave comments to let me know which ya'll prefer. :-)
Thank you for your help!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

{Secret Society of Thursday}

Here are our RockStars! Secret Society of the band that Mr E came up with for RockBand. Isn't that an awesome band name?? lol Love it! :-) I have a video too that I'm going to try and figure out how to get on here. :-) I know I can....just gotta sit down with the time to do it. :-)
I'm really glad that we ended up with this has been a great time with our family. :-) Little Mr will even join in with them. lol He'll grab a microphone and sing into it....or if he can get to a guitar before one of the boys I've seen him try to rock it! lol :-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, it's not really the computer's's the ridculous people that think it's 'fun' to write nasty virus and ruin people's computers...people they don't even know! ARG!
Somehow there was a nasty virus on our computer that I wasn't able to fix with our scans. :-S It was NOT fun! Thankfully we were blessed with a great deal with an external harddrive, so we didn't have to worry about our pictures....we have other things on our computer that would suck if we lost it, but NOTHING compared to the worry of lossing our pictures! So it took a while to get our computer into a shop, fix, & back up & working for us. Lame! But now I can update! lol So I'll be back blogging AGAIN! lol You'll get picutres though! & I have some pictures of Ace who also had his birthday that I'll blog. :-)
Thanks for hanging in there with me! :-)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

{At The Park}

I absolutely LOVE IT when I'm able to get all four of the boys together in a decent picture!!! :-D
We went to the park as a family! The boys were needing to get some energy out & it was about the time that The Mr gets up on his weekends I asked if he'd like to go to the park together. :-D It was SO windy and COLD! lol But of course the boys don't notice things like that! lol
Mr E was playing with Little Mr and he took him down the slide...and then Mr A slid down behind them and got stuck cuz they didn't get off the bottom fast enough....and I grabbed The Mr's arm and was like "That would be a GREAT picture!" lol OF COURSE! lol So I went and got the camera, and asked the boys to do it again....which they thought was fun! lol & I also asked Mr T to slide down.....and snapped a few pictures and was able to get one that we liked. :-) AND I didn't even plan them all in blue! lol That just happened!!! hehe