Monday, March 16, 2009

{Daddy"s New Hat}

This story starts off track lol Just thought I'd let ya know :-)
We needed to get WA plates for our truck....they expire this I looked online when, where, how, and what we needed to get it done. To make a long story took a while. So The Mr was already up late and we had accomplished as much as we could for the day with the truck. I asked him if he would like to take me out to lunch at my favorite restaurant. :-) He said that he wouldn't mind that too much. lol So we headed over to Olive Garden for lunch.....but when we pulled up the parking lot was empty and the sign said they didn't open until 11 and it was we headed to the mall to kill some time. I actually thought that The Mr just wanted to eat there instead. lol We dallied got a game...The Mr got me a cover for my phone that I've needed....and while I was picking that out Mr T took The Mr into a store to look around. They ended up in Zumies looking at hats. Mr T really liked these hats....."Daddy, you should get this one" So, Mr T wanted to show me the hat that Daddy should get. lol he brought me right to them lol and I took a pic of the two of them together :-)

I have always like these types of hats, and I think that Thr Mr looks really good in it. hehe So he got the one that Mr T had picked out. lol They are just SO cute together! :-DHere is Mr T wearing Daddy's new hat!!! :-D

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