Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last night we had our friends, Billy & Kacy, over and their four kids too....We love hanging out all together. :-) We are very grateful to have friends like Billy & Kacy. :-)
Well, we got the SingStar game for Christmas....and all of our children LOVE to play it when they are hanging out.....I have to admit it's pretty cute to watch them all sing, and even dance! :-) We play this game as a family too.....if you haven't tried's a blast! :-) Right Amanda?!? lol
So last night they were all singing and dancing their hearts out.....since we have four disks now (Thank You Amanda!)'s pretty easy to do.....and Little Mr got ahold of one of the mics, and he put it up to his mouth and started making noises in it! TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!! :-) And this morning he was doing it again! lol