Monday, January 5, 2009


Amanda came to visit us for SEVEN DAYS!!! I wish it was longer.....but that's me being selfish! lol She's been over a couple times for the weekend already....and I always wanted those trips to be longer too. lol This time it WAS longer....and still....I want more! lol
We hung out and had a blast as usual. :-)

Can't wait for Spring Break! She'll be coming over for NINE DAYS! yay! And Anna has said that she is going to come over too.....and Serena for a few days too (now THAT'S someone I'd like to stay longer, and longer, and longer-but I'm not going to go into that right now)

Thank you Amanda for coming and hanging out with us!!! You know how much it meant to me!

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Amanders said...

Aww you dedicated a blog to ME!!
I can't wait for Spring Break for all of us to be over there with you :D