Tuesday, January 6, 2009

{Little Mr @ 10 Months Old}

Time flies by so fast when it comes to our babies growing up. I'm not just talking about infants either.....they all grow up so fast....and all the while wanting it to go even faster.
So, back to Little Mr. :-) He is already 10 months old today! So I thought I'd try something new...my camera has been really lame lately and not wanting to work, so I do not have many pictures from this last month, but I will get something on this post as soon as I can. :-) I thought that I would do a little update on him to let ya'll know kinda where he's at....cuz it's just darn cute! :-)

<3 Words: Mama, Dada, Tante, Good
<3 He just started clapping his hands....and he also just started shaking his head back and forth...and he'll put his hand to his mouth when he's shaking and make noises! Too cute! :-)
<3 He is standing by himself, and he'll stand in the middle of the room shaking a toy and playing, and sometimes he'll even take one step....but that's as far as he's gone now. :-)
<3 He is eating some solid foods, but he doesn't like baby foods...or to be fed...he wants to be able to put it in his mouth himself. :-)
<3 He's had his two bottom front teeth, and he just had his two top front teeth come in.
<3 When he started getting around it has been by what we call 'low crawling' on his forarms, and kicking his feet out....too funny....well, he started crawing on his hands and knees. lol
<3 We have been able to leave him with someone for a short time....well, I guess I have...lol...

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