Saturday, December 13, 2008

{Fake Burps}

So a little background......our two older boys will burp at times, and they think it's Mr T has started to fake burp around his older brothers.....and he does this quite often, usually after he takes a drink of something. I've gotten used to it. lol Well, last night Mr T took a drink, and did his fake burp.....then Little Mr made a similar sound.....I tested it to see if he just happened to make the sound, or if he was actually copying Mr T.......he was copying him! lol Too CUTE!!!
Well, this morning Little Mr got up and I was feeding him.....when he was done he burped, not too uncommon....the funny part is that he made the little fake burp sound again! lol
I love the cute things kids do!!! :-)
That's all for now......just thought I'd say a little sun in my life with you. :-)

1 comment:

Amanders said...

hehe Ace is just such a silly boy as it is.
ALONG with Theron lol.
Such a youngster and he is already copying him