Friday, January 22, 2010

{Little Mr @ the ER}

We had to spend the morning and leading into the afternoon in the ER with our baby Little Mr..... :-(

Poor baby.....The other day I noticed he had a scratch on his left index finger....not a big deal really.  Well over the next couple of days I  noticed it getting red.....I showed The Mr and he said it wasn't anything to worry about (The Mr is a medic in the Army, remember so I rely heavily for him to calm the 'mommy nerves' when it comes to the kiddos).  I was keeping it clean and keeping a close eye on was getting worse though.  :-S
Well, when I got Little Mr up this morning I noticed that the 'puss' had started going AROUND his finger and that there was more I brought him up to show The Mr and now I'm pretty sure we should bring him in.  So we got all the kiddos situated....shuttled Mr E and Mr A to a friends house to wait for the school bus there, and got Mr T and Little Mr dressed and ready to head to the ER.

Got all checked in at the ER.  They got us in a room pretty quickly....I was impressed really.  Someone came in to see us quickly too.  Don't really know if it was the time we were there or if it was what was going on with Little Mr.  :-S
So, they basically told us that he had a cold sore on his finger.....since that is the finger that he sucks.....he doesn't suck his thumb....he puts his index finger in his mouth.....and since he'd had a cut on his finger and then put it into his mouth.....yupp....cold sore.  Poor looks horrible!

BUT.....that's not all! the begining of the week Little Mr wasn't feeling well, and was running a fever pretty in order to make sure that these two were not related they had to run all sorts of tests.  They took some x-rays and ran some cultures and things like that.....BUT....BEFORE they did all that......
they had to put an IV in my baby.........

And yes, he looks all cute and dandy here after it's all done, but that was one of THE hardest things I had to do as a Mommy......I couldn't even BE in the SAME ROOM......I took Mr T and walked around the ER because I could hear him screaming and I was crying.....not such a happy time for Little Mr or for Mommy.

One thing that was really cute though....when he was sitting waiting for his x-rays to be taken.....which was right after he'd gotten his IV put in....he wanted me to hold him.....and he points to his IV to show me and he says "Look"
*shakes head* yah cool huh

They gave him some meds through the IV and sent us home with some more meds and a follow up he should be getting better soon.  But they said all is well........we'll see how it goes.  :-)

So we are all home safe and sound from a long day at the ER........

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