Wednesday, October 7, 2009

{Happy Birthday Mr A!}

Today is Mr A's 7th birthday......and I am really liking this whole list thing for birthdays. :-D With Mr A's birthday and the exception of Little Mr I'll have done one for everyone this year.....I'm thinking that I'll keeping doing this as a tradition......I may even need to go back and think of something for Little Mr since it was his first birthday. :-)
So on to Mr A's 7th Birthday! :-D

1. You have such an amazing and BIG heart.
2. We love watching you grow while you learn more about our Heavenly Father.
3. You are an awesome example for your brothers....both older and younger.
4. We are proud of your sportsmanship while learning new things and playing with others.
5. We are proud of the accomplishments that you have gained in school.
6. We love watching you strive to be a better person.
7. You are a joy to be around and to watch grown and learn who you are and want to become.

We love you Mr A!!! :-D

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