Friday, October 2, 2009

{Seattle Children's Museum}

Since our friends got into town on Wednesday night we let the boys stay home from school Friday. This is something that we do not usually do. Our friends we knew in North Carolina, and they are in Utah right now, but are PCSing to it has been a long time since we have seen them and it will be even long before we will see them again......that is a military friendship. But we have a good one. :-)
So we went up to Seattle.....and we went to the Seattle Center......and walked around and brought the kids to the fountain......I love this pic of all of our kids looking at the fountain.....yes this picture is posed! lol We were told that at 4 they let you into the Children's Museum for a 'donation' so we thought that was a much better deal than paying for 12 people to get into the museum. lol And we had a wonderful time walking around looking at things and taking some different pictures. I took a picture of their family with the space needle in the back ground and they took a picture of our family with the space needle in the back ground too. :-D I can't wait to have that pic! I'm going to frame it for sure!!! :-D It's on their camera though, so they are going to email it to us when they get settle at home. :-) AAhhhhh.....I love the Internet..... :-D
So after the museum our kids had had quite enough......they can only do so much.....which really isn't too much.....our friends decided to keep going.....which I think is awesome, & I definitely didn't want to hold them back.....there is SOOO many things to do in Seattle! :-) So they took off and went and did some awesome things with their kids and we drove back home. I got dinner started, and actually was just about finished as they walked in the door! LOL So, it was perfect timing as we were all more than ready to eat after a long day. :-) We had yummy chicken enchiladas.....we took turns cooking all sorts of delish meals together. :-D

& They came home with these beautiful fresh flowers for me! :-D Aren't they just gorgeous!!! :-D I am SOOOoooo lucky to have such amazing people in our lives!

THANK YOU!!! For a wonderful time and for touching our lives in an amazing & fantastic way! You truely help me realize who I am.....& that it's okay to be who I am. :-D LOVE you guys!!!

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David and Jessica Wakefield said...

I'm sooo jealous!! Would have loved to have been there too! Too bad it costs so stinkin' much to fly from Alaska! Hope you are well.