Friday, September 18, 2009

{Do The Puyallup 2009 (Part 2)}

When we decided to take the boys to the fair in the first place we were only going to take them to look at all the animals. We love looking at them and see all the different kids there. lol We stopped by the Petting Farm that they had set up. They had a blast in there. We got Little Mr out of the stroller and let him walk around with Mr T and The Mr while I took pictures. :-) It was so cute to see their faces. And Mr T was hilarious! He would pose so sweet with his hand still and his smile pasted because he knew that mom wanted to take a nice pictues of him! Aren't I a spoiled one! lol :-)

My Boys Petting A Goat
Looking Through the Window At New Chicks

Mr T Posing So Sweet Petting a Bunny

Little Mr Petting a Chicken

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