Wednesday, June 10, 2009

{Happy Birthday Mr E!}

Today, our oldest turned 9....yes, I said the time flies by!
I really liked the list on your birthday thing that I have seen else where here in blogland....I did one for The Mr. on his birthday, and I really enjoyed that. SO, I'm gonna do one for Mr E....9 because he turned 9. lol

1. We are so proud of the accomplishments you have done this year in school.
2. We love to see your love of baseball, and how much you've grown in such a short time with a sport you enjoy.
3. We admire the talent that you have with your art skills.
4. You are an awesome brother that is caring and proud.
5. We love your love of Heavenly Father and your desire to be a good example.
6. We love watching you grow into the young man that you are becoming.
7. We are proud of the choices that you make in order to learn and grow.
8. We enjoy how much you love family going to the park together, or playing RockBand as a family, or even wathcing a long as we are together.
9. You are amazing, and we are proud to have you as a son. We thank Heavenly Father to have choosen us to be your parents.

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