Saturday, February 14, 2009

{Valentine's Day}

Potted Red Tulips.....This is what The Mr brought home Saturday....He worked this weekend, so it was nice when he walked in the door with flowers. :-D He told me that he got the potted ones so that I can keep them....but I truely don't have any where near a green fingers crossed & we'll see. lol I am a lucky woman! :-D

I like to make pancakes for breakfast, especially on the weekends. I totally cheat and use pancake mix....but they are completely made with love. :-) I have these metal heart shapes with handles on them-I honestly don't know what they are actually for....but I thought it would be way cute to make heart shaped pancakes with them for Valentine's Day breakfast....I also used them to make heart shaped eggs for The Mr's breakfast. :-) They took a little longer, cuz I could only make two at a time lol but definately worth it. :-)

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