Sunday, November 2, 2008

{Halloween 2008}

From Left to Right: Mr E, Mr T, Little Mr, & Mr A

This year we walked around about half of our neighborhood....since the houses are so close together we felt that this would yield enough candy for them......BOY were we right. :-) We didn't even have Little Mr do his own trick-or-treating which we've have usually done in the past(let the younger one get candy too) The Mr is home this year, so it was especially nice for me to have him here getting the kids ready to go out and keeping an eye on them while they were trick-or-treating. We drove over to Oma & Opa's to let the kids trick-or-treat at their house, and then we also drove over to Oma-ma's to show her the boys. It is so nice being home and this close to family to be able to do that. Although I have to say that I am still not used to the WA weather again yet. I forgot how cold and dark it is here for halloween....hopefully we'll be here next year, and I'll remember then. :-)
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