Monday, October 13, 2008

{Mr A's School Picture}

Yes indeed, we got Mr A's school pictures today! :-) I can tell that his 'spiky' hair do did not last until his pictures were taken. And I'm quite suprised about that since we used his dad's hair product to help them stay that day. Oh well, what do ya do when kids play. :-) And for my future reference I'll have to remember to ask my children to take off their coats for their pictures. lol I honestly thought that SOMEONE would have asked him to take if's not like I can be there with them to do. It is frustrating to me that I am paying A LOT of money for these pictures and that someone is not looking for the best picture of my child. So, I'm just going to smile and know that this is Mr A....looking darn cute in his first grade picture. :-)
Hope ya'll are enjoying that I'm trying to update a little more often. :-)
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