Friday, July 11, 2008

{Our road trip is FINALLY over}

Well, we all made it here safe and sound. Each of us in one piece.....thankfully. :-)

Because of the time that we would have gotten there we opted not to go to Nauvoo, IL....we drove through the night and got to Salt Lake City area late July 3rd. We enjoyed the day with our brother Nicky and his really great girlfriend......then went on to visit with some friends of ours, the Powers. We left Mr E with them for a couple days as we went on to Butte, MT where the boys and I met The Mr's grandma from his father's side, for the first time.....and it had also been about 10 years since The Mr had seen his grandma and grandpa. It was really great being able to meet some more family. And we had a nice relaxing visit with them for a few days. Then it was on to Spokane, WA to visit with family there. We actually have quite a bit of family there and were able to see most of them, and even squeeze some wonderful friends in there too. :-) We stayed the night in Moses Lake, WA.....we missed some, but we're able to see others and hang out with them for a bit. This morning we headed out and made it to Puyallup, WA where we are now staying with my parents while we find a house. Wish us luck! :-)

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